Oatlands Shed

A prefabricated timber shed, low in embodied energy for a starting price of $45,000. More environmentally friendly than steel.

The modules for the shed were prefabricated in the Westbury workshop and delivered to site. Floor modules were placed by the carrier with the hiab. The following day the wall modules were erected in one day. Time for erection for the 48m2 shed was 2 days. The timber used for the shed structure is FSC certified. We’re using materials that store carbon for the life span of the building as opposed to steel or concrete structures whereby the carbon emissions for the manufacture are up to 6000 times greater per kg per m3. (reference Timber Veneer Association of Australia, p.19, www.timberveneer.asn.au)

Kept under 72m2 in a rural zoning only a planning permit is required.