Grandad’s Shack

Low Head

Built as an extension to Grandad’s 1930’s weekend shack, the design needed to blend some seemingly conflicting values.

The original was to be left intact, but as the kitchen was original, and a time warp, the new build needed some kitchen functionality without completely replacing the old one. The original building was concrete, uninsulated, and cold.

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    Low Head

    The extension, on the northern side, needed to be a sun trap and warm the whole building. The Owners had tracked down Grandad’s old wooden boat, and were able to buy it for restoration. Originally that would have been housed in a boat shed on the adjacent beach, but the boat sheds are long gone. By grafting a boat shed onto the western sea-facing elevation some issues were solved at the same time as respectful nod to the past.

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    Holiday house

    The building is a holiday house, and vacant for periods. Wooden boat shed doors add to security. The building faces west, and is exposed to hot afternoon sun and vigorous breezes. There are sliding frameless glass doors behind the boat shed doors, so the doors can be closed, totally open but with the glazed doors closed for sunny windy weather, partly so if the need arises, or all open for warmer weather when wind is not a problem.

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    Easy living

    Very satisfying when ideas work at different levels.
    The Owners assure me it is very easy living.