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Valley Workshop specialises in the creation of custom designed new homes.

Experience the innovation and beauty of our homes. Create your dream house that is designed and tailor built according to your wishes. We have the ultimate symbiosis, wood and glass, a distinctive enduring character that enriches lives in so many ways.

Our projects comprise new homes in urban, rural and remote locations throughout Tasmania and Australia.

Pricing for our new homes generally ranges between $250,000 to $800,000 (incl GST). Our costs are all inclusive and encompass full architectural design services, technical and consultancy fees, authority costs and turnkey construction including site works and services.

Tiny House

“Man built most nobly when limitations were at their greatest.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Tiny House is ideal for parents/students retreat in the backyard or air bnb accommodation. The Valley Workshop tiny house demonstrates high environmental credentials and addresses a niche market that is developing in Australia. People want to feel good about their carbon footprint and be proud of their home and this cannot come at the expense of the hip pocket. The Tiny House achieves a balance of affordability, intelligent design and environmental concern.

Plan and elevations for Tiny House March 2016. Price for Tiny House range from *$55,000 – $150,000.

*$55,000 for flat pack delivery within Tasmania

Plan elev-4

Example of a tiny building below – Cradle Mountain Canyons site office December 2012



Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) Research and Development

At Valley Workshop we build with structurally insulated panels in our flooring and roof. These are 21st century building methods which allow greater spans in the building process, reduces thermal leakage and reduces time consuming onsite building processes. We are the first building company in Australia who are building with a Structurally Insulated Panel that is free of polystyrene.

To date the structurally insulated panels that are available in Australia have a polystyrene rigid core and are limited to a 1.2 metre width. Polystyrene is an environmental disaster, there are islands of it floating in the Pacific Ocean. Australia’s Structurally insulated panels to date use an outer skin of steel which is high in embodied energy or oriented strand board which is imported. We are using timbers from sustainably managed plantation forests that would otherwise be milled as woodchips.

Our eSIP has;

  • Insulating core of recycled bottles
  • Width of 2.4m, which is double the size currently available in Australia
  • We are 28% cheaper than a conventional flooring system using bearers and joists
  • R value for floor panels is 4.2. A conventional floor has an R value of 2.4
  • R value for roof panel is 8 which is double the conventional roof system of R4.1
  • We use Tasmanian grown plantation eucalyptus hardwood as our members and Tasmanian grown plantation eucalyptus plywood as our skin. We are supporting industry that generates the use of timber that would otherwise be wood chipped and sent off shore.

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Laminated Timber Beams

We use laminated timber beams in our buildings. These are custom made in our Westbury workshop. Engineered wood products are a sensible alternative for load bearing beams. Good design is never purely decorative.

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